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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 23, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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and we do have a lower opening there as well. and lower trading this morning. it's down a fraction. down a fraction as is the dax index in germany down a quarter of a%. a fair pair of former political outsiders. they are welcoming the french president to the white house today. from trades to national security we are taking a look at what's on the agenda for the two world leaders. shocking revelations on the start of the fbi probe into the trump campaign. they're telling me their time yesterday about his findings he explained on a sunday morning futures. what intelligence did you have that actually led to this investigation. so we had found now after the investigators have reviewed this is that in fact there was no intelligence. no intelligence to launch the
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investigation. another high note to the music industry. that mammoth valuation. harley-davidson offing internship of a lifetime. college students can get paid to ride. coming up. it's all coming up this morning. good morning. an incredible interview with governor nunez. i can't wait to hear that again. it is extraordinary. we talked about how the same fbi agents were overseen investigation into trump and an investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail usage. now we find out that with all of the evidence on hillary
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clinton side they didn't have any in fishel intelligence this is a thread that runs through the very highest leadership within the fbi. it's incredible. it really is devin nunes who has taken us on. and to uncover why a presidential campaign was being investigated. he is the chairman of the intel committee and has looked at the raw data and has come up with this. there was no intelligence use. we will talk about that this morning. and what that means. with house majority leader kevin mccarthy in the studio this morning. in the avenue strategies a partner. don't miss a moment of it. we have a lot on the table this morning to talk about.
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investors are waiting for the parent company to report earnings after the closing tonight after the technology giant gears up to report the results they have adjusted earnings of $9.28 per share on revenue of $30.29 billion. it's kicking off a big tech earning splits on wall street. we also have amazon coming out on thursday. mike murphy your thoughts. when you see a move in big tech. google and alphabet will come out with earnings today. we will underlie underline strength in these companies. really very thoughtful in the tech sector.
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now if you have that big a sharp decline in apple on friday. as the market telling you get ready for a mess and all we -- our begin to see if they report the mess. they came all the way down to $151. is setting up after friday's move. the pricing i miss. if apple misses by a few million iphone tends in the market i think that sets up as a buying opportunity because they have so many other lovers they can pull i think people are going to be buying iphones in the third quarter and fourth quarter. live expectations that is a second i meet demand numbers. it's a flop.
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i've talked to a lot of people who work in the cell phone company in the stores not for apple but they would tell me if you like the ten. it's really awful. people are unhappy with it. it's a thousand dollars. at a time when america is keeping the purse strings pretty tight. it's 24 months and they charge $50 a month automatically so they're giving you an interest-free loan to finance the purchase of the home. -- of the phone.
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i think that's part of their plan. they may miss numbers in the topline expectations top line expectations but they are still selling a ton of iphone axes. he said him and his whole family needed new batteries and so they went and they changed the battery in the phone and it was $29 and they were fine. i don't need to buy a new phone. i'm looking at my family as a proxy and all we need is to buy 29 batteries in the next phone. and course the issues around the tent which of course are real. some people are talking about is tech in the be the next area that will be highly regulated like banks were before. the amount of information that
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google -- collects on you the android devices allow the harvesting of data for the unit of act dip users without warning. i'm talking eight years ago i did a documentary on google. the fact that they save all of your searches for two years. i guess to monetize them. they want to figure out how to get advertising dollars in. where we are today in 200018. if you're on the internet in your on your smart phone there are ways for whether it's google or apple or facebook someone contract what you are doing. if you don't like that i think that's just a fact of life.
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what is sheryl sandberg say. she said we don't have a product to opt out at the high levels after pay them to secure my data and that is not shared. he suggested that facebook offer a paid service so they went share any of their data. you can opt out of how they use their private information. it goes will be on them. google analytics is used on 50 million sites in google analytics attracts you whether you are logged in or not. google uses among other things your browsing and search history apps you have installed from its own analytics and other sources. like where we had shopped in the real world.
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it's incredible google's reach and i think the point of this article is mark zuckerberg has called in front of congress. and google ought to be a little bit more worried than even facebook what are they gonna do. is or it can be a broadway. you can prevent google from collecting your information even if you are not logged in this white these companies had been so profitable. they have sold your data to advertisers. i think you knew. next time you log in there are
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six sites that are focused on mexican vacations that's been going on for years. i think people knew that sort of thing. if you google mexican vacations you're getting mexican vacations but when you have a whole profile online that said this is who you think you are. i think a lot of americans are confused by that. and quite frankly are angry that that has happened because they don't feel like it has been transparent at all. >> when you're in a certain place in the world and you get an ad for that place that you're in. that's spooky. present trump welcoming the french leader to the house today. the french president issued a warning to the united states. listen to this. >> is too complicated if you make war against everybody you
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make trade war against china and europe were in syria, it doesn't work. you need to align and we are the alignment. he still agrees with many of the president trumps policies. our allies in terms of trade if you want to take on china if china is your biggest problem globally in terms of unfair trade practices then you lock arms with europe and with japan and you prevent a united front. if you throw a tariff in the face of your allies. there has been many exemptions. again it was handled so haphazardly and so ham handedly right out of the gate with a commerce secretary holding up cans of soup and
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lecturing the american people about that. it's kind of a fundamental misunderstanding of how people react to inflation and again inflation by if you get out of the white house but it was a slap in the face to our allies that they were not consulted about it in the first place. they're trying to manage it now he still has his hair up so to speak. no of official official intelligence was used to start the rush investigation and the so-called collusion. after digging deeper into fbi documents. new questions in the case right after this break. it could launch one of the biggest ipos ever with the monster valuation. stay with us.
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public schools are in lockdown mode. he was arrested in july of 2017 for being in a restricted area near the white house more than a year before that he claimed the singer taylor swift was stalking him. at the time that he was either reloading or the gun jammed or whatever happened is when i ran through the civil -- swivel door. i managed to get him with one hand on the gun and then i grabbed it from him. and i threw it over the countertop. the four people who were killed have been identified. sanderlin was an employee at that waffle house. more cancellations today for southwest airlines. they have canceled the hundred scheduled flights today. yesterday they canceled 42
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inspect a fan it went into the window on friday. regulators had ordered emergency inspections on 700 of the same type of engines that was involved in the accident. the shares are down about 17% so far this year. it could be the summer of the hog for the college students. eight lucky summer interns and teach them how to ride bikes. then they will attend motorcycle events across the country. it's a 12 week paid internship open to juniors and seniors who are interested in social media communications public relations or marketing. shares are down about 20% so far this year. my neighbor said i want a new
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harley. it is a well-known problem that they had been having. that young people are not buying motorcycles and not writing motorcycles. it's a big conspiracy. they need data. an enormous shout out to james shaw. in the waffle house sees the gunman come in just moves and acts. and pushes the door into him. and removes the guys gun. a patron at the waffle house becomes the hero of the day. when they found all of those magazines and the other bullets in the shooters jacket you know he was there for some serious killing and james shaw stopped it.
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it's great to see a young man being celebrated. he's a true hero and we should talk about it even more. and how had that kind of courage. wrestle the gun out of his hands. we will take a break. hillary clinton is out blaming charlatans in the media for her downfall. the ten year treasury have a four-year high right under 3%. how they may affect it.
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>> futures lower this morning. we are expecting a lower opening for the dow down 28. we're also watching the bond market. the yield on the tenure heading 2299 percent. during this right now is the point chief strategist. david, good to see you. what worries you more the move towards 3% or the earning story only in the story that the expectations were just so high coming into this. just before it started they were one of the first to report. they have literally gone parabolic going into the earnings. expectations are high. and so far what i've seen has been fine. the biggest problem this time around is technology.
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i saw your interview with dan niles. let's do that right now. let's see what he said about his technology. here is dan niles this weekend. i also think apple well have a mess when it reports. apple reports in may. watch for that. google parent of a bet you also think may miss. that one i like quite a bit over the longer term. they guided expenses up to 45 to 60% this year. before this data breach stuff ever happened they have expenses modeled for some reason wall street does with expenses modeled that go up by the slowest pace in the last five years. and i think the expenses are going to be a bit higher.
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after that if apple and google and alphabet miss does it create a reason to sell. in earnings worried. it's pretty difficult to have a bull market without tech in the lead. this is a missed product cycle for apple. the bigger issue for technology is not even the apple it's really washington. make no mistake what you sow with facebook and cambridge analytical that means changed business models. mark zuckerberg is inviting it. you give consumers the ability to opt out of some or all of the data.
6:26 am
that's who all we are seen earlier. you don't want to fight washington as one of your own. this could lead. as a potential opportunity for the facebook and alphabet of the world to start monetizing some of that to actually charge consumers for the data because it's not as if you can have a mass exodus away from it. how about consumers charging facebook for their data. ninety-nine cents per year. or to have a certain type of your data used. ear you're really paying them to use their service. they been giving it to you for free for years.
6:27 am
extracting a lot of data for me. maybe the only other way around for them as if i opt out of my data then you can charge me to be on that site that something that sheryl sandberg said she doesn't mind you. investigators stepping back and saying has google and facebook squeeze as much information out of us as they possibly can and they had reached a ceiling in terms of their ad revenue or the revenue of how fast they can grow their revenue. google has access to two billion active android mobile devices and that's where a lot of the data extraction comes from and that's where a lot of the data that is later used improperly comes from. this is according to one of these professors. in terms of some of these
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attic companies and even though apple has have a bad product cycle with the iphone ten apple is in a better position privacy wise which tim cook with facebook or google at this point. they are monetizing a lot of other services. we will get over that. the estimates called for profit growth. of 19% for the first quarter. i think well probably had that and hit that and maybe even to beat that. stocks are discounted. i'm fully invested. i will pick and choose my point. if you want to trade around every part of this market. you'd find yourself missing the big runs. avoid that at all cost. you talk about the overall earnings growth for the s&p 500 if you look at the major tech companies the ones
6:29 am
reported this week alphabet is expected to have faster growth in that 20%. if facebook is only expected to have the earnings per share change of not even 5%. microsoft less than the overall market intel lesson than the overall market. in terms of that. that's why merchants are contracting. david, great to see you. david nelson joining us there. new information on how the fbi probe really began. what the house chairman of the intelligence committee told us. dr. oz helps students who are escaping a bus fire and a new jersey highway. dramatic video coming up. [music]
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i'm the only bed that actually senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable... does your bed do that? i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed. let's meet at a sleep number store. welcome back good monday morning everyone. thank you so much for joining us. it is monday april 23. happy monday. your top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. down fractionally as you can see ahead of a big week for earnings. the rising yield on the tenure treasury.
6:33 am
hovering near 3% right now. up to 2.98%. the rising yield hitting the market on friday. they are closing nearly 1% lower on the day. global markets also watching earnings at this morning. it is a big week for earnings. the european indices are down across the board. it's really a fractional move. they were poor or answer earnings for the first quarter this week. declines across the board here. the worst performer. new questions this morning over the rush investigation. telling me on sunday morning if you that no intelligence was used to actually start this probe. we had access to the finish intelligence product. we have never seen one. we thought maybe there was one that went to a different channel that was kept really quiet or secret.
6:34 am
in fact after investigators reviewed this that is not what happened. there is no intelligence used. and why it actually started. a remarkable life remembered. thousands gathered in houston this weekend to celebrate the life of the first lady barbara bush and her great life. for presidents and first ladies this photo from the funeral going viral. take a look. plus there's this. dr. oz coming to the rescue. the dramatic video coming up. and striking a chord with investors. details on the valuation there as well. then there's rihanna. unveiling her own line of lingerie. but first devon noon is nunez drawing a line in the sand.
6:35 am
he shared his newest finance on collusion between the trump campaign in russia during the 2016 election. i wanted to know what intelligence did you have actually led to this investigation. so what we had found now after the investigators have reviewed it is that in fact there was no intelligence. i actually had to repeat that in my interview. christopher bedford. it's good to see this morning. do you find that as extraordinary as i do. they did not had any intelligence to launch an investigation into donald trump and whether or not there was collusion between trump and the russians. where they come up with it. i remember there was a. when he said that.
6:36 am
this is a big revelation. what it looks like from what i've been doing the research afterwards. this may be talking about what has been called the second dossier which was compiled by this guy a longtime clinton confidant. some of the and was so sketchy that if he didn't exist they would have to invent this guy to be f source for the first dossier. this becomes the self licking ice cream cone that we've seen before. one guy writes a dossier. it turns out to be the source for the first dossier. our intelligence services are using media reports on the first dossier to collaborate when it turns out that that media sources for those stories was the guy who wrote it himself. it's a roundabout thing. and as a congressman pointed out this did not come through the proper channels even though some reports came from the department of state. it did not go through the proper intelligence channels
6:37 am
to be necessary to start that. and as extremely concerning. now we know the only evidence or backing for a fisa warrant to wiretap people from the trump campaign was all that dossier which was unverified. this is not the way america operates. it's really an incredible statement that they have no intelligence on it. and you wonder if in fact now that we know that is the special counsel and their work. what is this investigation about. is it just to have an insurance policy so that you try hard to delegitimize ties president trump. it seems right now to be so far away from where it started. now the investigation is the new york attorney on confidants confidence of the president. and violating the in
6:38 am
attorney-client privilege. there is no telling right now and nothing i've seen that's gonna stop the more investigation we are coming up on a big fight in the u.s. senate. because grassley wants to pass a bill that protects them from even being part of the can crush #congressional review. when they finally get our eyes on the documents. i want to get to hillary clinton in a minute. number one they're investigating the opening of the investigation there investigating how they connected this investigation. the willingness to use dirt that was funded by hillary clinton. to get a warrant to listen to calls and then there is a third think that he is working on and these investigating the state department that is can
6:39 am
you come down soon and well also get more information from this forthcoming report that will focus on the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. i wonder what it is at the state department that intel committee is working on. i think they are working with all of the people that are fondling information. -- fondling information. -- fondling information. a lot of protéges and a lot of people who were part about the spy network. they have an e-mail address that was made to look like it was the white house e-mail address even though they had pushed him away from being a conspiracy theorist. he was constantly feeding a data back into the department of state. most of them try to make it as easy as possible for the next administration to come in because it's very important.
6:40 am
by all accounts the department of state set tripwires for the incoming administration and is another think that is really a dark stain on the outgoing presidency. will wait for more information on this. this is big. meanwhile hillary is out taking aim at the press now for coverage of her run in office. the mainstream political coverage is influenced by the right-wing media ecosystem. they have a lovely effect that open the doors to charlatan. i'm not sure what to say. your thoughts. she thinks the press has gotten more fair since the 2016 election and it has been
6:41 am
a course corrector. that's obviously false. the american people can see that from the lack of trust. she cried at her desk after hillary clinton lost. we had people saying it was a conspiracy theory that hillary clinton was in bad health just days before she collapsed after 45 minutes in mild weather. such a joke that they are going to be suing the trump campaign. they had leveled this lawsuit would we know that the fbi and the department of justice were all very firmly behind hillary clinton. it's just laughable this lawsuit when it's absolutely the opposite that in fact it was the fbi and the doj trying hard to push trump down and make sure he did it when and support hillary. then we have these reports about the it guys transferred data from a pakistani senator. his son in the former aide.
6:42 am
who made unauthorized access to in-house servers while working on the hill. present trump tweeted about the matter. just heard the campaign was sued. we will now a counter for the dnc server that they refused to give the fbi. the documents held by the pakistani mystery man. there you go. we know what happened when the dnc was hacked. the might and the power and the strength of the fbi behind you. they would not give their server to the fbi. they don't want people to know what was on the server. in every bit of our reporting has pointed to one thing and that as debbie wasserman schultz. it has has something she's very concerned about getting out.
6:43 am
it was taken and then left in the congressional building after he had been bartered from the network. he was left there with a copy of his idaho. and with a note that said the attorney-client privilege. he is pointed out that you just can't put a note on evidence. and have it be taken out. it was left in a phone booth. it appears to be. with the information that's on the laptop.
6:44 am
his first she was fighting to keep it away from the capitol police and out of the jurisdiction. and now he is in court holding that up for the last few months. that's incredible. you've done a great reporting on this. thank you so much. ten sent reporting and ipo.
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welcome back cheryl casone with the details now. >> the late first lady was buried over the weekend in a gated plot at the presidential library. she is now near the grave of her daughter robin who died from leukemia when she was just three years old. hundreds of family and friends giving a final farewell. they brought together for former presidents. this photo has been viral.
6:48 am
the former president book -- bush. a stack of colorful books. celebrity health expert dr. oz has captured this video of a birding bus on the new jersey turnpike. he pulled over to film the scene. as they are coming back from a musical in new york city. they shared the video saying he was thankful everybody got out safely. this is not the first roadside rescue. he was in an honorary firefighter back in 2015. the largest music chaining -- china's largest music streaming company is about to go public. it says it has about 700 million monthly active
6:49 am
users after spot if i went successfully public earlier this month. rihanna is planning to reduce release a line of lingerie. she posts in her underwear on instagram. i'm not clear when the new products will be released. another celebrity getting getting on that i'm going to make and sell it to bandwagon. i was just saying how much i love the picture of the bush family with all of the presidents at the funeral. they are great. as they transform the way we
6:50 am
work, live and play. it stuck in that time work. the details on the real estate disruptor right after this. [music] just another day on the farm. or is it? this farmer's morning starts in outer space. where satellites feed infrared images of his land
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6:54 am
good to see you jonathan. thanks for having us. we know about the retail market and things like truly in the market. tell us how your firm differs from the competition and how you try to provide transparency they have done a great job on that pushing forward that transparency. when we start the business of several years ago we thought it was stupid that you can go online and do the same thing for office space. and we also have technology that we have in-house transaction team. we were first introduced to jonathan when we are moving our offices from midtown down to the flat iron district and
6:55 am
just going online and searching for space. that's how we originally met them. and we see an opportunity for them to bring to the commercial market what companies like these have done. if you want to find an office. you look at what you want. and what you want to spend. and they will pull it up for you right on your smart phone. this is how people will get office base in the future. one of the things i was wondering. the trends both in and how people were working and what that means of retail space right now. can you tell me a little bit about that. it's a way that people are working. we think it's great for the industry. it brings a lot more flex ability to the market and transactions can happen a lot quicker. i don't think i would go that far. it would depend upon the right solution for the right person
6:56 am
at the right time. they've been reading they been reading and talking about it for a while. it's probably a little bit overblown in my opinion. i think it takes a little bit to do the pricing a little bit. where companies can make a whole bunch of money but a lot of that is moving online. we are just can have to start adjusting. from real estate brokers. and how they might be retaliating against you. their neck and its stand by just take it. we are brokers ourselves. we work within the confines of the industry. there is a groups that represent landlords. in groups that represent tenants. we are whole new conduit that they don't head. and for the groups that represent the tenants the groups like i used to work at. a guy who runs real estate for
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us. they focus more on the big guys. they need office space. if the user makes the office space. let's work with them. even 200 person company you should be online looking with us and allowing us to help you with your transaction. softening a little bit at the top. there also be people at the top. the trade all pressing issues on the agenda. for a three-day visit in washington. we are taking your life to the white house with a preview. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin
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to help one desperate elderly person for a month. call right now. - [eckstein] call the number on your screen. >> maria: welcome back. good monday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. happy monday to you. it is monday, april 23rd. your top stories right now. earnings season heating up. this is a big week for first quarter earnings. futures indicate a mixed opening at the start of trading this morning. the s&p 500 is exactly where it closed on friday. more than a third of the dow companies and the s&p a 500 companies are set to report their first quarter this week. alphabet, one name to watch, after the close tonight it comes amid new concerns concerning google's data collection. we will preview technology as well as the earnings on tap. markets tumbled on friday. apple dragged the dow down.
7:01 am
smartphone sales could slow in the coming months. looks like people are expecting aan apple miss. dow industrials are down 200 points on friday. oil under pressure this morning. we're taking a look at whether the economy is ready for that price coming up. in europe, fractional losses pretty much across the board but very slight, fq100 down a point, dax index down 15. in asia overnight, red across the board, worst performer in hong kong, hang seng with the biggest decline, 1/2 of 1% lower. america's oldest ally arrives from abroad, president trump welcomes france's president today at the white house. france's leader spoke to fox news ahead of the visit, warning about russia's president, vladimir putin. >> don't be naive.
7:02 am
i do believe that we should never be weak with president putin. >> maria: from global security to trade, we're taking a look at the agenda for the two world leaders this week at the white house. then a mistake at the start? devin nunes details the or re-inof the investigation into the probe into the trump campaign. nfl sacking a kicker after a photo. the new addition to the royal family is officially on the way. the details as the duchess of cambridge has been admitted to the hospital and is in the early stages of labor with baby number three. all that coming up this monday morning. joining me, dagen mcdowell, mike murphy, and lee carter. great panel this morning. good morning. >> great to be here. >> lots of news today.
7:03 am
great monday morning. >> maria: there's a lot on tap, like the devin nunes interview. >> dagen: i think it's incredible. he deserves praise, not hate, directed a him for what he's done. the american people deserve to know what's been going on in the fbi and the justice department. if the shoe was on the other foot, the democrats would be crying foul, they'll be standing on the mountaintop, screaming at the top of their lungs. >> maria: there's a reason that the inspector general recommended criminal charges against the number two guy at the fbi, andrew mccabe. >> dagen: let's have a trial. let's see what happens. again, put jim comey under oath and let the american people see what he has to say. >> last week i did a bunch of research on how voters are reacting to comey, to the scandals. what i found out is that republicans are up in arms about what's happening. democrats think -- they're totally on-board with comey and
7:04 am
mccabe. independents, i have no idea what to believe, who to trust and that's dangerous for republicans and democrats going into the midterms. they're saying how do i know who to believe anymore. >> maria: that is dangerous. we've seen an an abuse of powe. people on both sides of the aisle should be upset about it. all of that coming up. first, em ma emmanuel macron iso come to washington. he will be here for a state visit, expected to be dominated by discussions over trade, syria and the iran nuclear deal. ahead of the trip, macron highlighted the similarities between himself and his american counterpart. >> both of us are probably mavericks of the system on both sides. i think president trump's election was unexpected in your country and probably my election wasn't expected in my country. we are not part of the classical
7:05 am
political system. >> maria: no, they are not. joining me from the white house is the principal deputy press secretary, raj shaw. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. thanks for having me on. >> maria: what does the president want to accomplish from this state visit? >> well, the united states and france are long allies. in fact, france is america's oldest ally and our military to military relationship really goes back to the revolutionary war. the united states and france are large trading partners. they're our third largest trading partner in europe. we have a security partnership that dates back hundreds of years and you can see it in the french fighting terrorism around the globe, taking the lead in africa, and being the partner with the united states. >> maria: what does the president want to accomplish? >> we want to deepen the relationship, we want to continue the trading partnership, we want to talk about security. you mentioned iran. there are a whole host of
7:06 am
issues. president macron talked about russia over the weekend. there's a host of issues that president macron and president trump want to talk about. they talk frequently on the phone. they have a very close, personal relationship. when the president visited france last year, they helped develop that bond. so we're going to have him here today, starting this evening, at mt. vernon. there will be a state dinner tomorrow. we're very excited for this visit. >> maria: in terms of the aluminum and steel tariffs, was france initially exempt from those tariffs? what's the situation in terms of trade and do you see any movement? >> well, the french along with many of our european allies have been exempted from aluminum and steel tariffs currently. this is a national security issue and as trading partners and allies, they were exempted. but we have a great trade arrangement with these various e.u. countries and various allies in the european zone and we want to continue having that
7:07 am
relationship. we also want free, fair and reciprocal trade and the president brings this up. he wants our allies throughout europe to give access to american producers, american companies and workers and their products, just as we grant access. we're also looking at the security situation. france is one of the nations in europe that definitely spends very close to the 2% gdp that is sort of demanded of nato nations and as i mentioned, they do take the lead in fighting terrorism in areas like africa. so they've been a strong ally of the united states throughout the globe, not just an economic ally but also a security partner, and we are going to be talking to them about iran as you mentioned, we are going to talking to them about russia and also the security in the middle east. >> maria: let me switch gears, raj, and ask about the senate foreign relations committee. there's a vote today and they are on track to vote no, vote against endorsing cia director
7:08 am
mike pompeo to be the new secretary of state. all of the panel's democrats and one republican, rand paul of kentucky, say they plan to oppose pompeo. the nomination could still be brought to the floor but pompeo could be the only secretary of state in modern history be confirmed by the full senate without winning a committee endorsement. your reaction? >> first of all, we're holding out hope that he does win a committee endorsement. i think senator paul and some of the democrats, we hope they'll do the right thing an support mike pompeo. this is an individual who was near top of his class at west point, at harvard. he was confirmed to be cia director with two-thirds of the senate supporting him. he's proven himself not just as director of the cia but leading diplomatic efforts with north korea. if democrats and others want to oppose him, they'll be undercutting u.s. diplomatic efforts with north korea. meanwhile, rejecting a highly
7:09 am
qualified individual to be secretary of state. that would be a sad chapter in u.s. diplomatic, from a u.s. diplomatic perspective and american history. we don't want to allow partisan politics to reject such a qualified nominee. >> maria: broadly speaking, roughly speaking, how long does this process take? let's assume that he does get confirmed by the full senate. these are really dangerous times. we know what's happening in terms of isis, north korea, iran, et cetera. and we don't have the secretary of state in place. so what's the timing on this? >> we want to see action as soon as possible. obviously if the senate foreign relations commit you at this dozen doors his nomination, that will help expedite the process. i know the t senate wants to move on him as soon as possible. we're hoping a matter of weeks. but from our point of view, it's very important to confirm
7:10 am
qualified nominees who are going to advise the president, speak on his behalf around the world. it's not just important for this administration, it's important for this country to have a strong secretary of state that has the confidence of the american people and the confidence of the president of the united states. >> maria: we heard some serious comments from north korea this weekend. we know that the north korean leader said they may not need to do missile testing after all. now south korea is halting the propaganda broadcast that is plays across the border with north korea. they said they would halt nuclear and missile tests and scrap the nuclear test site. if this is true, this is an enormous accomplishment. we know we saw a number of tweets from the president over the weekend hailing the move. it's far from denuclearization at this point. is that the president's end goal here? do you believe north korea when they say they want to do away
7:11 am
with their nuclearization program. >> i would lead on the addage of trust but verify. these are positive developments. we should not pour coldwater on them. north korea has talked about halting nuclear and icbm tests and taking apart one of their missile sites. we think that's an encouraging development. the president, while viewing these steps is encouraging and positive, stands by our policy of pressure, maximum pressure until we can ensure the complete verifyable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula. that is our end goal here. these are certainly positive steps and we should hail them. >> maria: if this is true and if we were to see this materialize, that is incredible that the president was able to engineer this. let me switch gears, ask about what we were talking about earlier and that's devin nunes
7:12 am
speaking out on the russia probe. he said after reviewing the documents from the fbi and the justice department, the electronic communications, they showed no actual intelligence used to actually launch this probe into trump. listen to this. >> we've long wanted to know, well, what intelligence did you have that actually led to this investigation. so what we found now, after the investigators have reviewed it, is that in fact there was no intelligence. >> maria: how does that happen, raj? >> frankly, i don't know. this entire investigation, the president has referred to it as a hoax, as a witch hunt. it's built around a premise of collusion between the russian government and the trump campaign for which zero evidence exists. they've now spent millions of dollars of taxpayer money. they've interviewed dozens of witnesses. they've reviewed over a million
7:13 am
pages of documents and they found zero shreds of evidence to substantiate any of this consistent spiconspiracy theory. i think chairman nunes is doing solid work to expose this. the white house has been cooperating with the investigation. we want to put it behind us. there's no evidence a that's going to emerge of collusion. >> maria: which this be a priority of rieu julialy -- rudy giuliani? >> i think we're excited to have him join the president's legal team. obviously, i want to make the distinction, this is his personal lee l ga legal team, ne white house legal team. he's an experienced individual. he's number three in the justice department. he can handle himself in these legal proceedings and represent the president very well. we think that given the fact that there's been so much time and money and energy spent on trying to prove russian collusion, there's simply no evidence for it, that maybe rudy
7:14 am
giuliani can figure out a way to move this investigation toward its end. >> maria: we will be watching that. raj, thanks very much for joining us this morning. >> thanks so much for having me. >> maria: coming up, technology earnings bonanza, facebook, amazon, microsoft, all set to report their first quarter this week, alphabet after the bell tonight. we've got the preview. let the royal baby watch begin. kensington palace confirms that kate middleton arrived at the hospital to welcome her third child. back in a moment. they appear out of nowhere.
7:15 am
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7:17 am
♪ >> maria: welcome back. the manhunt is inche intensify s morning after a colded blooded shooting kills four people. >> cheryl: police are looking for travis rai reinking who oped fire before a hero customer brought an end to the chaos. >> at the time he was reloading or the gun jammed or whatever happened is when i ran through the door, i hit him with the door. i managed to get him with one hand on the gun and then i grabbed it from him and i threw it over the countertop. >> cheryl: james shaw prevented further tragedy, suffering only a minor injury. police say reinking is armed and dangerous. nashville public schools are in lockdown today. we learned that the shooter had a previous run-in with police. he was arrested last year for
7:18 am
being in a restricted area near the white house. the four people who were killed have been identified. authorities say they're torine sanderlin and three others. big week for technology earnings coming up. alphabet scheduled to report their quarterly results today. of course, that's the parent company of google. facebook and amazon later on this week. during an interview, dan niles said that alphabet is expected to miss expectations. >> when you look at google, they have an expensive model for some reason, wall street does, google doesn't guide but wall street expense modeled to go up by the slowest pace in the last five years. i think the expenses will be higher. i think revenues will be fine. i think there will be problems on the margin front. >> cheryl: we should take a look at shares of alphabet, up about 2% so far this year.
7:19 am
privacy is going to be coming into the discussion as well with those numbers. well, we are officially on royal baby watch. let's take a look at the pictures coming out of london. kate middleton has been admitted to st. mary's hospital. she's in the early stages of labor. yes, that's your live shot of the hospital. the famous wing of st. mary's has been the birth place for all royal children, including prince william and prince harry. this is baby number three for kate and william. we don't know what the gender is. he or she will be fifth in line to the throne. yes, i am ho on it, maria, i'm n baby watch. >> maria: thank you, cheryl. coming up, oil prices dipping slightly this morning on the prospect of further output rises after another increase in the weekly rig count. we'll check out oil and where it's going next. just because you work at amazon, doesn't mean you get a six figure paycheck. the underwhelming amount that a
7:20 am
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>> maria: welcome back. wow, what a crude awakening, oil quickly approaching $70 a barrel as opec reaffirms a commitment to curb production. president trump tweeted this, looks like opec is at it again with record amounts of oil all over the place including the fully loaded ships at sea. oil prices are artificially very high. no good and will not be accepted. joining us right now is steven short. good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> great to be here. >> maria: is oil artificially
7:24 am
high at $70 a barrel or close to it? >> not at all. i will put the caveat there, there probably is $5 risk premium that we're seeing in crude oil prices, this has everything to do with what we're seeing from a geopolitical standpoint in syria, russia, iran the situation in venezuela. being artificially high, absolutely not. what we're seeing now is a very normal seasonal rise in oil prices. crude oil demand here in the united states for this time of the year has never been stronger. even with that, even with these quote, unquote, high prices, artificially high prices, demand for gasoline has never been stronger here in the united states. so clearly you have a situation where demand is dictating the price. this is a good thing. because commodity prices do not lead economies. economic growth or economies lead commodity prices. strong commodity prices translate to strong economic growth. >> do you think -- i've seen people posting the amount
7:25 am
they're paying at the pump on social media. they're saying it's the first time i paid over $40 to fill up. i haven't seen prices like this in a long time. that impacts their pocketbook. they think thinks aren't so good. do you think that has any impact on things? >> i think from a psychological standpoint, yes, it does have an impact. from an economic standpoint, absolutely not. in 2014, the last time prices hit $706 a barrel -- $70 a barrel, they were coming down from $100 a barrel. that was due to not enough demand, too much supply, because the economy was in the dull dulldrums. four years later we're rising. in my household alone, in 2014 i was driving an suv that got maybe 13 niles the gallon. -- miles to the gallon. today i drive an suv that gets 60 miles to the gallon. when we look at the number of
7:26 am
priuses, volts, teslas on the road, the demand has just decimated in the greater picture. so in my household, or in a -- not even a tesla, but in a prius household, you would need to see gasoline prices up to $12 a gallon to have the same economic impact. from a pure economic stand., no, this does not have any sort of event, but i do agree from a psychological and markets do trade more in psychology than they do in reality, it certainly does have an impact. >> dagen: in terms of production, do you buy the wall street journal's story that there are bottlenecks in the permian basin, there could be a production problem in that part of the country? >> absolutely, permian production is off the charts right now. this is the most prolific oilfield in the united states. what we do know is that oil rigs have been rising. they're now at the highest level since early 2015 when the market began to crash. so clearly investment is coming
7:27 am
back into the market. and when we look at the correlation between oil prices and rig counts four months later, there's a lock step move. so production will continue to rise but yes, dagen, there certainly are bottlenecks. we see this because the price of oil in west texas in the permian is trading at a significant discount to oil in oklahoma, in curbincushinghing. there's a lot of oil in the united states. >> maria: steven, it's great to see you. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> maria: coming up, a russia probe bombshell. devin nunes says he has seen no intelligence to justify starting an investigation into the trump campaign. then sha kne shan ia twain apolg after saying she would have backed donald trump in the 20166
7:28 am
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7:31 am
nasdaq is up, the dow is lower by 13 points. s&p exact letter where it closed on friday. this after treasury yields rose hitting the equity markets on friday. the major indices closed 1% lower on the day and now are negative for 2018. dow industrials down 201 points on friday. global markets are fractionally moving. dax index is down 7. in asia overnight, declines across the board, here too fractional moves, worst performer was hong kong, down 1/2 of 1%. new questions about the russia investigation. devin nunes telling me yesterday there was no official intelligence used to start the probe into the trump campaign. he says it's time to move on. >> it appears like this was clearly what started as a counter intelligence investigation into the trump campaign. they drilled a bunch of dry holes. never found any collusion. they moved to obstruction. they got a special council.
7:32 am
and now god knows where this is going to go. i think the american people are getting sick and tired of it. >> maria: shania twain slammed for supporting president trump. outrage after she apologized for saying she would have voted for him. amazon, the technology giant launching a service to compete with oracle and ibm. it comes as it faces questions over employee pay. we'll tell you about it. a former nfl kicker tackled over a social media post with his warning to his daughter's prom date while holding a gun. the backlash after he felt like he was forced to say sorry. and a scary scene on the baseball diamond, a cubs player hit in the head by a pitch. we've got the latest on his condition this morning. all that coming up this monday morning. first, our top story, the origins of an investigation, house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes revealing the results of his review into the beginning of the trump
7:33 am
campaign probe. here's what he told me yesterday. >> we long wanted to know what intelligence did you have that actually led to this investigation. so what we found now, after the investigators had reviewed it, is that in fact there was no intelligence. we thought well, maybe there was one that went through a different channel, that was kept really quiet, that was secret, that was kept from the congress and other folks. well, in fact, after our investigators reviewed this, that is not what happened. there was no five eyes intelligence product as it's been reported, there was no product. >> maria: joining us to talk about that is judge andrew napolitano. judge, no official intelligence and he mentions the five eyes, which is an agreement that the u.s. has with a total of five countries to share intelligence that we don't spy on one another. no intelligence went through that five eyes in terms of launching an investigation into the trump campaign. >> so let me explain, let me
7:34 am
look at this two ways. one is the president's argument and congressman nunes' argument that this is a political hack job, commenced busie by sidney blumenthal and by democrats by a does yeadossier which they paido authorize surveillance on carter page and perhaps on others thand that developed more information. >> maria: so far, they'll use true. >> it started by trying to push a string through a pipe and they managed to get that through. that's one argument. the other argument is, it is very dangerous, and i've been critical of congressman nunes in the past, though i like him and agree with him on many things and respect him and respect his work, for him to look at top secret information and cherry-pick it for a political narrative, he did this two months ago. he did it last week. we can expect the opposite conclusion to come from
7:35 am
congressman schiff who will do the same thing. in the good old days, which is about six months ago, if congress wanted to know how a criminal investigation started, they would serve a subpoena on the justice department and the justice department would take the subpoena to a federal judge who would quash it and say we don't interrupt, we don't invade, we don't second guess criminal investigations while they're going on. you can see this stuff after they're concluded, whether they conclude with an indictment or conclude with nothing. i believe it's dangerous for him to do this. the democrats will do it. he'll do it again. the democrats will do it. >> maria: you say the the good d days was six months ago. let's be clear. there was subpoenas to get information from the department of justice and the fbi and they stonewalled congress so there's no good old days six months ago. >> i was being sarcastic when i said six months ago. it was longer than six months ago when if congress wanted
7:36 am
information about an ongoing criminal investigation, they would not get it, no matter what subpoenas they served because the subpoena would be quashed by a federal judge who knows you cannot subject to the light of day evidence obtained in an ongoing criminal investigation. a, it tips off the people being investigated. b, it deters the investigators from doing their work if they have to operate in sun light rather than in the darkness. where we have two people running the justice department who in my view are now scrambling to save their jobs, attorney general jeff sessions and rod rosenstein, they're going to cooperate with those who want them to cough this stuff up. because they want to keep their jobs. >> maria: do you see any other evidence other than the dossier used to launch an investigation into the trump p campaign? >> i don't know. i don't have access. >> maria: the chairman of the intel committee does know. >> the chairman of the intel committee in my view is cherry-picking, that is, taking
7:37 am
raw data that suits his political narrative and drawing a conclusion from it. have i seen what he's seen? of course not. i don't have the top security clearance. i wish that i did. i do know that the government says, and i have rarely -- i am rarely a government guy, but i know the government says as a result of some crazy conversation involving george papadopoulos and the professor in london, the australian ambassador learned about the russian connection. it sounds wild but i've seen wilder. >> i'm pas fascinated right nowo two years ago i think most americans trusted in checks and balance. they might not trust congress. they might not trust certain aspects of it but they said no one is going to be able to overreach. now they don't trust anybody. there's no trust in any of the constitutions. >> maria: why should we trust them? look at the text. >> here's where i agree with you n the old days you would trust the fbi.
7:38 am
you would trust them with your life and you would trust them with the constitution. >> maria: before they became plighpoliticized. >> we're going to talk about jim comey. i don't know which of those memos that he gave to his professor friend up at columbia had classified material and i don't know who classified it and i don't know when it was classified but it does appear to me, who examine these things for a living, that he did break the law by releasing information that he knew either was or ought to have been classified. >> maria: i totally agree. dagen, do you find it ironic that here you have a former fbi director out and about, trashing president trump, all at the time that his very fbi is being investigated for this misuse and misconduct and massive amounts of abuse of power? >> dagen: he's a narcissist. if he cared about the fbi, he
7:39 am
would keep his mouth shut. but he doesn't care about the fbi. he worships at the altar of self. one thing that bothers me about comey -- >> why put it that way? >> dagen: this is the fbi of j. edgar hoover. these abuses went on for decades. did it ever change? >> we didn't know about the abuses then. we didn't have the level of transparency. now we do. >> dagen: we deserve to know about the a abuses under jim comey. >> you're right. >> dagen: and his buddies. what bothered me more than anything that i heard in the interviews, in the memos, the comey memos that were released, when he went to brief president trump in private about those -- about the dossier, george stephanopoulos asked him did you tell him it was funded by political opponents and he said that was not necessary to my goal. >> maria: what was his goal? to get hill youly clinton
7:40 am
elected -- hillary clinton elected. >> that was after. this took place in the first week of january. >> maria: to delegitmize the president, that was his goal. >> it's weird that bob mueller would allow him to do this. he is one of bob mueller's principal witnesses against the president. when you have a witness about to testify for you or who has testified for you, you've got to tighten some reins on that person. this two weeks worth of book selling may sell a lot of books. it will also so undermine his credibility that nobody will believe him. >> maria: the i.g. report is forthcoming. in that i.g. report that we'll get in the month of may we'll hear what the inspect r general has to say about -- inspector general has to say about jim comey and his lying and leaking. >> dagen: mueller and comey are friends, like even if mueller doesn't call him directly, don't you get somebody in your group of friends to call him and tell
7:41 am
him to shut it down. >> maria: i think that's why he moved up the book tour. the book tour initially was later. maybe he moved up the book tour because he knows a lot is coming from the i.g. report so i better move up the book tour so i'm not in the middle of the media tour when i'm going to have to answer questions. >> he's received a $10 million advance. he has to sell books to justify that. does the american public see this problem of law enforcement being pligh politicized. is it too in the weeds? >> the american people are really, real smart. we don't give them enough credit. they're so confused about who to trust. when they watched comey's interview, they feel they trusted comey. when he went on more interviews
7:42 am
it was like wait a minute, does he have an axe to grind, i'm not sure who to believe. it's like it's inconsistent and they just feel i don't know who to trust and i think what it's going to come down to in 2018, this is going to have a huge impact on 2018, is who do they trust more to do the right thing by the american people, democrats or republicans. right now, they're just not sure. >> can mayor giuliani have an impact on what's going on down there with his new role? >> i was a little taken aback when he said on friday he's going to negotiate the president out of this in three weeks. if he does that, the president will worship at his feet. i don't know how he can do that but that's rudy. i will tell you this -- >> maria: how much is being spent on this? is this 10s of millions of dollars, how much is the special council costing. >> it's running about $1 million a month. >> dagen: it was like close to $1.5 million. >> iran contra was 85 or
7:43 am
$90 million. that went on for six years. >> maria: we will leave it there. always great insights from you. coming up, amazon takes on ibm and oracle by getting in on block chain. how the e-commerce giant is deploying that technology. then, canadian country singer shania swain said she would have -- twain said she would have supported donald trump in the 2016 election. she is getting blowback for it and now she's apologizing. back in a minute. ♪ think your large cap equity fund has exposure to energy infrastructure mlps? think again. it's time to shake up your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income. bring amlp into the game.
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>> maria: welcome back. residents in the gulf coast are cleaning up from a series of tornadoes. cheryl casone has the details in headlines. >> cheryl: what a weekend. four tornadoes carved a path of destruction through the south, damaging homes and uprooting trees from louisiana to the
7:47 am
florida panhandle. two twisters touched down in baldwin county, alabama, that injured five people there. take a look at florida. the severe storms caused a swirling water spout. this is at fort walton beach along florida. incredible images. well, amazon web services has announced block chain templates for their customers, known for the technology behind bitcoin. ibm and oracle have gotten on the block chain band diswagon. this comes six months after oracle and one year after ibm introduced similar services. amazon has disclosed the median annual salary for its workers is $28,446. that reveals the blue collar nature of amazon's workforce. typical workers is more likely to be loading shipments at a
7:48 am
warehouse than coding on a computer. hasbro is blaming toys r us for a reported $100 million drop in quarterly revenue. as bro also citing unsold inventory in europe as the reason for the bigger than expected drop. the toy industry has been hit hard by the unexpected liquidation of toys r us. hasbro and mattel having to find other places to sell those toys. shares of hasbro are trading lower in the premarket, down almost 8% as a matter of fact. and then there is this. singer shania twain is getting backlash on social media after she said she would have voted for president trump. she's canadian but here's what she told the guardian. which have voted for him because even though he was offensive he seemed honest. she got a lot of hate on social media. she later apoll jieched on twitter -- apologized on twitter. she said my answer was awkward
7:49 am
but should not be taken as representative of my values. my path will be one of inclusive at thiinclusiveity as my history shows. another example of maybe not making political comments would be recommended. >> maria: public shaming, the democrats are good at that. >> dagen: stop apologizing. >> she should not say that's an awkward statement. >> maria: wasn't very awkward. >> that's how most trump supporters felt. they felt like they trusted who he was at its core. that's a huge amount of americans. >> maria: she's probably getting hate mail and hate tweets from the left. >> dagen: you know what my response would have been? i'm canadian. it's a hypothetical question. get over it and bless your heart. and if you don't know what bless your heart means, google it. it's not a compliment. >> she said how she felt.
7:50 am
there's nothing wrong with that. >> maria: now she said i'm not endorsing him. give me a break. when we come back, the outrage after a former nfl kicker poses for a picture showing him holding a gun next to his daughter and her prom date. now he's apologizing. back in a minute. ♪ if you'll be my body guard i can be your long lost pal. ♪ i can call you betty and bet phi when you call me you can call me al.
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they let you apply whenever you want. there's no enrollment window... no waiting to apply. so call now. remember, medicare supplement plans help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. you'll be able to choose any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. whether you're on medicare now or turning 65 soon, it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. >> maria: welcome back. a wild weekend in the nba playoffs, including a record setting per forel man' performan antonio spurs. >> jared: not much for the spurs to celebrate this season. last night, tony parker sunday
7:54 am
helped the spurs beat the warriors to avoid a four game sweep. lebron james scored 32 points with 11 13 rebounds. the cavaliers win at indiana, 104-100. wizards and bucks also won yesterday. while major league baseball is trying to tighten the timing belt on the pace of play, brandon belt made some buckles sunday with the longest at-bat ever known. >> full count. a lot of pitches already and he keeps pumping in strikes and they keep fouling it off. >> the 21st pitch forthcoming. >> that's a major league record right there. >> jared: 21 pitch, most ever,
7:55 am
12 minutes, 4 seconds. 45 seconds. we could have listened to four songs in their entirety. scary moments for chris bryant yesterday. he was hit in the forehead with a fa fast ball. it hit the underside of his helmet. he left the game with a laceration. white sox's relief pitcher, danny farquhar suffered a brain hemorrhage while in the dugout on friday. has the word gun become a four letter word? jay feely posted a photo standing with his daughter and her prom date. he is holding a gun. didn't matter it was a joke from the movie "bad boys 2".
7:56 am
he had to apologize for the picture, which was obviously intended to be a joke. my daughter dated her boyfriend over the year. they knew i was joking. he said i take gun safety seriously. the gun was not loaded and he did not mean to be sensitive to that -- insensitive to that important issue. >> my father when i was a freshman in high school answered the door when i was going to home coming with my date with a shotgun. he was like you take care of my baby. i thought this was hilarious. he shouldn't apologize for this tweet. >> maria: it was a joke. >> totally agree. there was nothing wrong with what he did. >> maria: now we can't even show guns at all? it is in the constitution, by the way. >> dagen: we have a right to bear arms. guns are legal in this country. it's a joke. can we start selling senses of humor to people on the left? there is a market to be had in
7:57 am
that. >> when you go to the beach this summer, there's a new law, no longer can you say sun's out, gun's out, because it would be offensive. that's a joke. >> dagen: what? >> do you say that a lot? >> dagen: you're not allowed to refer to your arms as guns. >> obviously i don't. >> maria: rate youraise your han you want to make a joke, then we know it's a joke. >> that will be our new thing. >> maria: catch jared's sports reports on sirius xm115. still to come, a hip hop artist dethroned taylor swift by breaking the record with spotify's most opening day streams. we'll be right back. stay with us. ♪ can i get some help. watch his head. ♪
7:58 am
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maria: welcome back. good monday morning thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, april 23rd top stories 9:00 a.m. on the east coast, kicking off busiest week earnings season one-third of the s&p 500 and a third of the dow industrials, are reporting first quarter this week, the market has turned higher expecting a higher opening for the broader averages dow industrials up 17, s&p up a fraction, nasdaq up 12, alphabet to watch after close, comes a new concerns surrounding go ael collection he market tumbled on friday appledrag analysts report suggested smartphone sales could slow in the coming
8:01 am
months take a look at european indices right here fractionally lower, but have turned higher take a look ft 100 up 4 points cac quarante squeaking out a gain, the dax index in germany up 1 a 1/2 asia across the board hang seng big loser down about half a percent, fractional movers as well, forging ties america's oldest ally president trump women's french president emmanuel macron to white house from straytrade to national security what is on agenda, no official intelligence shocking revelations surrounding start of the fbi probe into the trump campaign. house intelligence chairman devin nunes telling me about his findings yesterday, right here on "sunday morning futures." >> we've long wanted to know, what intelligence would you have that actual led to this investigation. so what we found now, after the investigators have reviewed it, is that in fact there was no intelligence. maria: we will have the very
8:02 am
latest from that investigation coming up, then a new tune, chinese streaming giant planning to go public evaluation coming up, taylor swift losing spot atop spotify's most opening day stream who knocked the pop star from her thrown, a look at who is taking the gavel from speaker of the house paul ryan after he retires, speaker ryan already throwing his support behind house majority leader kevin mccarthy as successor, does california congressman have votes the man himself house majority leaders california congressman kevin mccar thee integrations, paul ryan endorsed you most important thing here we have to make sure there is an opportunity for republicans to reason i for speaker next year, we have a work cut out for us a great team, in this conference fighting hard got a lot of sections we've got a
8:03 am
november election to say go forward so premature there. >> do you feel that you have the support from within your party to become the next speaker? >> well -- we've got to make sure we have the opportunity to run there, i think that is the discussion with conference, i feel confident paul and steve would support me from that position, but we've got a long way to go before that election. >> let's talk about priorities, 1.3 trillion-dollar omnibus bill, obviously a lot of upset because of all the spending the white house, is aiming to spend its recession requests to congress next month despite senate majoritilieved admit ch mcconnell dismissal. >> resigss not about omni the whole on into an omni house did work passed 12 appropriation bills the challenge the minority in the senate not voting against appropriation bill but voting
8:04 am
against even allow it to come up to be debated we are allowing minority to control what happened, remember what happened to our military, last 8 years cut by 20%, more of our men and women, dying in training than in combat, they were going to get parts for our planes, has not gotten 20 percent safer this is where minority in senate withheld anything watch what we are doing to pompeo with all payments playing politics rescission like before remember congressional review act allows senate with 51 votes to repeal burdensome regulation successful 16 times rescissions have been used always before reagan used it more than 200 times bill clinton used it more than 111 times, our ability to go back find a way, i think, any member of congress on any side of the aisle would want more ability to eliminate wasteful spending in government what
8:05 am
we're doing looking not just when it comes to the omni, any place in government, it should be used many times so our ability pass the house then pass the bill in the senate, with 51 votes to be able to cut spending nothing to do with -- >> it makes perfect sense. >> it do he is. >> why doesn't why is mcconnell dismissive about it. >> trying to play another political game this was common practice, with clinton, with reagan with ford with carter obama did not use it so from my point of view any opportunity we have to be able to save the taxpayers' money, we should work together and make it happen. >> so you are still working on that. >> i just had mulvaney in the office last week. >> do you think that the president just after signing it into law basically said well, now everyone is complaining about omni, and too much spending even, i understand the rescission not about omni per se do you think he decided that was an escape,
8:06 am
did you feel that it will was an mistake after you signed. >> it no, because when i are looking going for in military the mistake allowing the minority in the senate to control government. you should not be able to have a few in minority, to vote to not even bring a bill up, look what they are doing when it comes to -- mick pompeo, or any appointment there is 1200 positions that have to be confirmed at rate going now will take 11 years. they are holding anybody up even at the end of the day may vote one hundred percent on trying to stop government from being effective, efficient accountable look how he used congressional review act only sufficiently one time in history, prior to president trump regulations cut, look what he has done with va when it comes to tax, you know, two million more people, have -- entered workforce expanded it,
quote quote
8:07 am
unemployment 44-year low, under obama participation rate dropped from 65 to 62. it is going back up more people in the workforce here these are all positive things, so we're looking at every opportunity we can, to not let the minority stop us, and actually put america first before politics. maria: right that is where markets up 30% since election this year you are seeing a lot of companies animal spirits because of tax plan, do you think this inmates with people do you think american people recognize that the tax cut plan very positive that moved neiled on economic growth on jobs and at the same time, that the senate is slow walking all this stuff or the democrats are trying to slowwalk everything, in particularing with pompeo the vote. >> to me more and more seeing it, because i just watched the small business i read the other day, in got a bonus -- it was a small visit he just had a new child had some difficulty, he was worried how he was going to pay that
8:08 am
bonus, 39 states have now electrical bills lowered because of that tax cut, in one company 1.2 million employees now have a longer maternity leave because. >> a big deal. >> not armageddon not crumbs. so there is and there wasn't one democrat stood up events in nancy pelosi or schumer said i am going to let them keep more what they earn make sure they get more bonuses more jobs created think of billions of dollars coming back from overseas investing in america. >> is that enough to keep the house majority is this is this resonating to the extent people say i don't want to vote democrat they are going to raise taxes i don't want to vote democrat these policies have been working? do you think that is going to help you keep majority. >> we have got a lot more to do that is one of the elements because there is a fundamental difference the democrats have come out with their tax plan actually will raise your taxes, even make a debt
8:09 am
larger. they increased taxes by more than three trillion, six trillion on adding to debt, they are not solving the problem look at va, you know gi bill was 15 years or lose it now a lifetime, look what we've done when it comes to human trafficking more than eight-year-old tried to stop it more than 100 how to children trafficked in america 70% happens only trying to top back page got shut down last week based on legislation the president trump championed. >> people are worried about the debt are you -- as hypothetically speaking if next speaker are you going to have a program to rein in spending on entitlements rein things like social security medicare medicaid we know perhaps are going broke. >> if you want to protect programs you got to reform them remember we had a deal with military back base realignment closure brought everybody together one bill
8:10 am
that would come down to the floor, we need that dealing with our debt because, when ronald reagan was president, the discretionary spending appropriations 5% mandatory 25 now that is 66%, so here you are, member of congress vote for all 12 appropriations bills you put it in direction. that is a small element of one-third of the government, if you are not getting to the root of the problem here, you are not going to be able to have those entities for future generation, to support. maria: you are absolutely right let me ask you you mentioned mike pompeo senate foreign relations committee expected to vote against endorsing pompeo to be secretary of state just in middle of all this happens with north korea, north dakota senator heidi heitkamp emerging first democrat to throw support behind pompeo your reaction to this opposition the very moment in time we are talking about, isis possibly returning, north
8:11 am
korea, iran threats getting worse. >> pure politics, this is an individual i served with went to west point one first in about a class to graduate in house and intel committee to be headch cia those didn't know him voted for him watch the job that he did there he only expanded his ability look what we're dealing with with north korea what able to do so far. i think this is playing politics and they need to stop it because jeopardizing our country in a critical point. >> we heard stunning claims earlier congressman about russia probe, the chairman of the house intel committee devin nuñez joining me yesterday revealing results of review beginning of the trump campaign probe? listen to this. >> we found after investigators reviewed it in fact there was no intelligence, no i we are trying to figure out as you know, we are investigating the state department, we think
8:12 am
there's some major irregular lar the east at state department. >> nunes investigating state department to find out, how the fbi got information, about some campaign advisory george papadopoulos your thoughts on this investigation even launching with no about filtering intelligence. >> well, one thing about this investigation, started out saying there was collusion no one found it i don't know why this investigation continues on, remember he what house intelligence did, separate cokwal how long have they had to fight to get information not only their committee but judiciary and others to fight to have the information, so it could be cohe kwal to look at problems. >> kate middleton had her baby getting to that in a moment. >> that is breaking news. >> but real quick on france, the president, is he welcoming the french president to the white house three days you are going to be at that state
8:13 am
dinner. >> i will be there tomorrow night but this is special place, in my hart for france should be for all americans they were there, in the creation of our kcountry our battle to create this country, they supported us maybe because they didn't like the england or not they were there at the time, and hanging in capital inside chambers lafayette. >> macron trump seem to have good rapport. >> america doesn't quite understand so successful what he is really successful is relationships, they report something i have been with him so many times world leaders call him admire this man support him a great relation even if difference of opinion. >> one of the things that people like, and certainly his supporters because you supported him tried to execute his plan a lot of colleagues have not they have been "never trump"ers. >> i think that is wrong you campaign for who you want when
8:14 am
election over put country first what i watched with this president doesn't matter some support or not he works with them, great -- look what is happening in north korea. look what is happening to our economy more people are able to work, unemployment at 4.1% look what is happening when it comes to more people keeping, what their own money or changes happen to be there is so much more we can do if people work together, to put the country first. >> great point congressman good to see you. >> thank you so much. >> kevin mccarthy joining us breaking news kate middleton wife of prince williams has given birth to baby boy, 8 pounds seven ounces third tiled kensington says mother and baby doing well kate middleton delivers a baby boy. we'll be right back. anna and mark are heading into retirement... and a little nervous. but not so much about what market volatility may do to their retirement savings. that's because they have a shield annuity from brighthouse financial,
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what have we got here? let's take on the wage gap, the opportunity gap, the achievement gap. together, we can tackle every elephant in the room. and save the rhino while we're at it. because, whatever the problem, business can help. and i know who can help them do it...
8:17 am
search for waffle house shooter. cheryl: police are still looking for 29-year-old attractive was i who opened fire at intan national restaurant before a hero customer brought end to chaos. >> i made up my mind no way to lock that door. that if it was going to come down to it he is going to have to work to work to kill me. cheryl: james shaw prevented further tragedy suffering only a minor injury, police say he
8:18 am
is armed dangerous national public schools in lockdown mode this morning, and we have now learned shooter had a previous run-in with police arrested last year for being in a restricted area near white house four people killed identified, authorities say they are -- well, coors company, is latest to severe ties with nra, nra reportedly sent e-mail to members blasting go aheady saying decision not sports man-like go aheady has not said why parting ways with nra several enterprise hertz delta united airlines cut ties in response to public outcry from gun control following florida shooting in if february left 17 people dead, the late first lady barbara bush buried over weekend at gated in george h.w. presidential library in
8:19 am
college station texas near graefr of daughter robin died from leukemia three years old the site is open to public starting this morning, the ambitious family shared photos from private ceremony hundreds family friends giving a final farewell the day brought four formal presidents, you see here as well as bill clinton barack obama, the first ladies also there including melania trump, a attribute to literacy, decorated with stacks of colorful books, maria you brought breaking news it's a boy, baby three for kate and prince williams royal baby weighing in 8 pounds 7 ounces prince william side-by-side when baby delivered fifth in line behind
8:20 am
prince george, charlotte, a lot of wishers camped out for at least two weeks now a on the of buzz over in london, happy nice ahead of the royal wedding coming up. >> congratulations to them thank you so much china largest streaming company exploring going public how it could and spotify. >> rise of artificial intelligence that is next. ♪ ♪ all i have to do is -- >> ♪ i don't wanna be just ♪ .
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
maria: welcome back beyond alexa amazon reportedly working on plan to build a robot for your home plans to start testing machines this year according to bloomberg robots move from room to room using tech similar to differentiallies cars a.i. has potential to trans form your life joining us right now chief technology innovation officer, paul dougherty thanks for joining us you wrote about this human machines, re-imagining worse in age of ahow has it o he. >> a narrative around a.i. hear about it we think about a.i., taking over the human race taking over jobs and beating us on all games taking fun away, we think that is the wrong narrative for a.i. a.i. is really about a new set of rules, for companies in terms of how to be more competitive how to drive more efficiency,
8:25 am
how to drive growth create a new business model, you don't talk enough about that who wrote book guidance for consecutive how to apply a.i. to trans form business how to do it in a way that is that is represents the capabilities of people to drive that growth and to use the technology. >> but it is taking away jobs, not to be you know, a fearmonger but when you do things more productive, and you can do things easier from a robert standpoint you are going to do it. >> robot. >> ayei no different than any other technology the fact every intelligent creates efficiencies to do things more effectively a.i. no different a report from oecd talks about 14% of jobs, being threatened by a.i. we think about right. >> 14%. >> about 14% another third beyond that, being transformed by a.i. probably right also the issue not that we don't
8:26 am
have jobs we talk about many, many new types of jobs being created by companies, the issue is how do we prepare people for skills for jobs some will be more quickly that is why decision with the book donating proceeds of the book to nonprofits to help, about especially midcareer professionals where challenge is we don't have answers to that that is what we think to deal with more effectively. dagen: it is not skills that some people might think looking down the road, we have talked about this, it is not computer programming math science, ultimately it is going to be humanities and ethics areas like that kind of -- the arts if you will, because they are going to have to decide right, again, are how do you -- what is okay for a robot to do in your life. >> right we talk six new categories of jobs we think represent millions and millions in new economy call it the middle we don't think
8:27 am
people are thinking about jobs enough, the current discussion, these jobs key to reshaping business, how we build right skills in people, we talked about market two kroi categories one set where people are needed to help machines, it is a.i. reresponse believe, behavior trading a.i. properly category of jobs the other set of jobs are jobs where a.i. machines robots help people work for effectively increase productivity up to 40% from research that we have done, and we use phrase gives humans sur power better tools to do our jobs allows people to do new things categories where we think the opportunity is. dagen: elon musk said recently with production staffers on the model 3, that he underestimated value of human, overestimated the ability to basically use robots in manufacturing. >> great example, elon said
8:28 am
humans are be rated, interviewed more humans over automated overindustrialized mercedes-benz did same. >> we are seeing, people are needed to apply critic, can improvize able to to communicate those types of things are necessary for next generation of work moving to -- >> interesting thank you so much thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> good to see you, human machine is name of the book reimagining work in the age of a.i.. >> dozens southwest flights canceled for engine inspections new delays across country to tell you about fbi director jim comey reportedly heads to amazon headquarters to promote his book the media tour backlash continues, back in a moment. ♪ ♪ it's all right now ♪
8:29 am
♪ all nightlong, baby it's all right now ♪ ♪ good monday morning
8:30 am
8:31 am
thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. monday, april 23rd top stories with 8:30 a.m. on the east coast, markets turning higher this morning futures now indicating a higher of opening for the broader averages, dow industrials set to open up 40 points, nasdaq up 25. after treasury yields rose hitting equity market friday
8:32 am
major indices lower last week on the day friday, and are now negative for 2018. global markets this morning look like this, here too you have a bit of a turnaround ft 100 down a fraction, but cac quarante up 6 points dax index up 14. in asia overnight declines across the board, worse hong kong half a percent lower maverick meets maverick french president emmanuel macron his visit meeting with president trump and ahead of speech before joint session of congress. >> i think the u.s. to be able to -- for peace, and different regency of the world especially middle east so i will advocate for -- congress -- means playing all together to reduce, some rogue states and -- jo we take you to white house ahead on that former fbi
8:33 am
directorer jim comey show on the road to speak before amazon employees this morning, earnings in focus, in business this morning, alphabet kicked things off technology, after the close tonight the results come in a new questions over the company data practices this morning, stock up heading into the numbers, 10 cents taking tunes to wall street chinese strategic giant gearing up for ipo we've got details, then taylor swift dethroned find out who took her spotify strategic record th -- streaming record. >> new ties from which president macron making first state visit this week, and president trump, have a packed three-day agenda talking about trade to global tensions, blake burman at white house right now very latest, brooj to you. >> good morning to you as well first state dinner trump administration goes to emmanuel macron of france will rife this afternoon, in first couples head to nearby mt.
8:34 am
vernon for dinner tonight george washington home the policy discussion will take place in earnest tomorrow, and trade and tariffs will be front and center. >> i hope he will -- we will not implement this new tariff and he will decide to exemption for european union you don't make trade war with allies. >> he said he is going to implement -- >> exemption through may 1 let's see what will define on may 1 i just say we're on your priority. >> the administration does point out france is exempt for steel, aluminum tariffs at least for now, raj shaw saying discussions move beyond trade as well -- >> we want to deepen the relationship, we want to continue the trading partnership we want to talk about security, you mentioned iran, so there is a whole host
8:35 am
of issues that both president macron and president trump want to talk about. . reporter: syria a focus white house does not push back on notion it was macron who convinced president trump to take action inside that country, maria: blake, blake burman the latest shocking revolutionaries this morning about how the fbi probe into trump campaign really began, house intelligence committee chaichl den nunes shares newest findings into accusations of collusion between trump campaign and russia in 2016 election what he told me yesterday on "sunday morning futures". >> we longitudinal wanted to know what intelligence did you have that actually led to this investigation. so what we found now after the investigators have reviewed it, is that in fact there was no intelligence. maria: joining is former u.s. attorney general avenue strategies partner, thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> your reaction, to this this
8:36 am
morning, that chairman nunes says there was actually no official intelligence used to launch that investigation, into the trump campaign. >> i -- i think it is significant. i mean i saw that piece yesterday, on your show, i -- you know, i said wow! it is -- it is -- it draws us walk i think not enough attention has been placed back to the time this investigation started. want and who knew all the facts and who didn't know all facts in the process of starting the -- the appointment of special prosecutor i think people need to be held accountable withholding information what happened it looks like politicians on the left, fraud lently put this information into the stream of customers, and t commerce fbi man what it northbound seems to want to hold people about accountable. >> the strategy strzok was it
8:37 am
cansing page about, investigation after investigation what do you think. >> i think -- well, i think that is true and i want to ask y'all, you know if someone proposed that we go to the summer convention next cycle part of the process each party nominates some lawyer that it in the event they meet election would be vested with investigatory powers access to grand jury perpetually investigate win i don't think anybody would be for that i don't know how that is any different than what we have here, for a special prosecutor who has put in place apparently on totally fraudulent information people knew was fraudulent going on perpetuity what do we do about that i really don't have have answer. >> extraordinary. >> it is extraordinary one of the things that i find fastnating talking to voters is that they say, it almost is doesn't matter how started it matters what they find.
8:38 am
and that is a pretty dangerous mind-set, can you tell me how you you share with implications of what this means if -- if the process totally changes as a result of this. >> well, this is this happens in typical investigations out of u.s. attorneys general oversees all the time start one area you trip up some other information, that you didn't know about when you started, and you pursue it can't look for drugs find a dead body nor it you have to do what you got to do, but the question i think is all these new issues that the special prosecutor may or may not find, to start looking into, are do they still fall into the scope of the need for a special prosecutor can't most of these things be looked out through department of justice u.s. attorney's office in typically setup? and i don't know a mechanism to shut down pressure process
8:39 am
cuter until special process cuter says i am done i am not sure that is the way we want it set up. maria: i mean, knowing what we know, in terms of the bias top of the gfbi de. of justice during election know we know dnc paid for dossier to use to spy on trump campaign knowing there was no other intelligence used to launch that campaign should not robert mueller look at these things? is this going to be part of his investigation? or are you saying, this investigation special council should be shut down? >> well i think all these things can be looked at by robert mueller, or the oig, or investigators in a criminal context out of the department of justice, i think that the main point from what you said that i am interested in is the people really want the truth. this locker, lock him up mentality weaponization of politics trying to incarcerate people, as part of the political process i think is
8:40 am
very dangerous could lead to really bad place. we really want truth i think, from my money wree kwo immunize all people say look you tell the truth we are not going to prosecute anybody general flynn papadopoulos mccabe comey, just tell us the truth and let's take a look at what hands so we don't repeat this that is what is most important i think for american people i don't think that is possible, i mean they have already gotten guilty plea out of general flynn i don't know how you take a guilty plea from general flynn not charge andrew mccabe it is a mess -- started by bad leadership, at the department of justice, and fbi. dagen: do you think it is dagen mcdowell that those charges will happen? again, because we've talked about people just martha stewart one example we keep using lied to fbi went to prison. and you got andy mccabe writing editorial along with wife in "washington post" basically saying that it was a witch hunt, and he told the
8:41 am
truth, and -- he actually he said he misremembered i think might have been the word he used but, again, he lied. he lied under oath three times according to inspector general you think he will be prosecuted? >> it is very difficult question. but i think that if you look at the press dent i have seen fbi prosecute lots of people didn't commit any other crimes forlying under oekt one time he lied under oeath three times the truth is important to me, the truth is that that guy should have never been deputy director of the fbi one thing jumped out at me oig report not criminal conduct how he through sprifupervisors under t bus he called and chewed them out on numerous instances for not managing the leaks that he
8:42 am
was leaking. that kind of leadership is -- is -- you know disturbing to say the least there are other words could i use we probably should not use on tv. but -- >> mike murphy i agree with your point that the -- when left versus right real loser here is american public, so maybe you are your idea granting immunity to get to bottom put it behind us not have to go through a situation like that that drags on really hurts the country hurts citizens of this country. maria: that is another thing klein people did get incubate, right, cheryl, even though they lied. >> there wasn't even an investigation you can't call what happened there an investigation. they -- they touched it moved on they read a memo to dismiss it before they had done 17 interviews that was a joke hillary clinton fan club, on the fifth floor of the fbi
8:43 am
whether jim comey was part of it or not i think, what he needs to write about in his book is how he was his management was -- abilities unable to did he tech entire management team was in hillary clinton's pocket -- >> abuse of power. dagen: the story though very clear from jim comey, on this book tour, they just assumed hillary clinton was going to win, they want to keep their jobs, they weren't huting hammer down on her they were sure she would win they didn't want clinton ire in the clinton machine coming after them, whether she did win, that is the real backstory -- >> said out loud or not. >> you are absolutely right jim comey writing a book on a book tour rolling on amazon headquarters today bud reportedly speaking for free to employees there fired guy director book higher loyalist top seller amazon taking
8:44 am
drastic measures to avoid people who did not read the book amazon only allowing veerfied buyers the review best seller, incredible. dagen: [laughter] >> it is about incredible i am positive as former colleague jim comey he was looked up to, and he worked very hard, frankly to cultivate this -- this stellar reputation in law enforcement community actions last two years especially, you know tapping -- this book courier ruins that. >> how aggressive democrats now suing republicans for exactly the reason what they did during the 2016 election by protecting hillary good to see you. thank you. >> we'll be right back. that we could video conference... and do it like that. (snaps) if you'd have told me that i could afford... a gig-speed. a gig-speed network.
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maria: monster week first quarters earnings more than a third dow companies s&p 500 set to report, alphabet,
8:48 am
reports after the close tonight, nicole petallides on the floor a preview of expectations over to you good morning. >> good morning to you maria we see futures higher thus far, earnings season a win we have 17% companies that have reported, 79% have beaten on earnings per share watching alphabet google parent up one-third of 1%, today, we will have report after the bell, couple things, watched that some money according to one of the analysts i spoke to tech analyst moved out of semis such week for semis, concerns about apple chip production the like about, so we will watch google in particular a winner the last 52 weeks the other story pertaining to google in "the wall street journal," that who has more personal data than facebook, try google just evaluating the shadow profiles they have on folks watching all tech names big league for tech as you said reporting
8:49 am
google facebook, amazon intel microsoft, another story continue to follow southwest airlines fatality blade broke off from gin 40 flights canceled, to inspect engines they have an actual incident back in 2015 not a fatality there was an incident with the same sort of engine checks are on back to you. maria: thank you so much nonprofits nonprofi nicole petallides, 10 year 3% equity market taking the industried futures pointing to a higher opening with dow industrials set up 40 points in with stuart varney host of "varney & company," good morning to you. >> exactly what i am looking at, by the way, i cast my eye over europe, do you know what 10 year treasurer, in germany it is zero o 0.63%, in answer from it is 0.84%, in america it is 2.98%, now i would have
8:50 am
thought yield that high probably going higher towards 3% would have caused something of minor league sell-off look at that up 40 points dow industrials, my how times changing since january, when we pushed up towards 3%, markets sold off. maybe maria that something to do with big technical profits, are going to be reported this week, they could be really, really good and maybe that is what is putting a base over stock market what do you say. >> i definitely think earnings big part not just tech the fact first-quarter earnings expected up 19%, 3-month period, year-over-year. >> huge. >> yeah, because some people think some tech companies are going to miss by the way, like apple, like google. >> stuart it is mike murphy you make great points if i told you januarys we were going to get 19% growth on earnings per share in s&p 500 the market was going fob flat
8:51 am
i think would you be a buyer. >> yes -- i would. i am glad you have been all over my show and maria's shows giving good news murphy. >> see you in 10 minutes. >> you will. >> thank you so much "varney & company" top of the hour 9:00 a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria". we'll be right back. 2 welcome to the xfinity store.
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maria: welcome back, now this head of korean air also says two daughters have resigned from the company, after an uproar over allegations they abused employees cheryl casone with details. cheryl: okay, maria public anger forced chairman of korean air to issue a public apology, this comes after his daughter accused of throwing water in face of employee during a meeting allegations against family have snowballed saturday the custom service
8:55 am
raided the home seeking evidence they used fleet of planes to bring lurks goods into south korea without paying taxes, there has been an allegations for years. >> china largest music screaming company is going to go public. they are expected to be one of the biggest tech ipos over could exceed 25 billion 10 cent music has 700 million monthly active users after spotify success with public on new york stock exchange this month stay with rapper jcole dropped late evident album on spotify shatering records. >> -- turn it upturn it upturn it up, turn it up, turn it up count it take it you came -- started -- cheryl: kod, 4.2 million
8:56 am
times on spot pie most listened to on any opening day, the title from taylor swift sung look what he made me do 3.8 million streams august last year passed debuts, the weekend recent hit you call out my name the photograph cracked top five, i am going to listen to the music because i never have. >> am i totally lame not knowing who they are. cheryl: i obviously am. >> final thoughts from all-star panel. stay with us. ♪ ♪ all right ♪ ♪
8:57 am
the .. ..
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8:59 am
dream to welcome back. final thoughts from the all-star panel. lee carter. lee carter appears the americans are fascinated by the lack of trust most americans have been in the institution and that's the election to win in 28 team -- >> a lot from the big tech companies. you want to see not only the profits they are making that the cost and how they pick up. a great opportunity in this market is the underlying economy improves. great opportunity out there. maria: that's for sure. dig in. dagen: president trump deserves to have his secretary of state
9:00 am
demand that he chose mike pompeo and it's appalling the senate foreign relations co. could today backed pompeo's nomination. they need to look in the mirror and stop thinking about themselves. trying to stop playing politics. dagen: right. maria: stuart varney on "varney & company" right now. >> for several years to technology companies have shocked the world. they've innovated their way to global dominance. they've racked up and helped rally stock prices to record levels. big tech is a big deal. this week we will find out how much money did they bring in recently. this week's report will have a big impact on your 401(k). this too should have impact. the benchmark for interest rates after the 10 year treasury yield nudging right up against the 3% level, a four-year high. it's not been that big a deal this monday morning for the stock


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